Tolkien Moot XV

October 19th 8 am through 10:30 pm

4 CAMERAS & 4 LIVE STREAMS (Pacific Time)

Campaign: Guardian of Gondor (Fall of Gondor)

Guest Speaker: Sam Gesch (1-2:30 pm)

  • The brother-in-law of the imitable Brian Huseland, was born in Philadelphia, PA but moved to  Middle Earth around age 5 when his father read him The Hobbit.
  • From then in he has made frequent visits to many locations and the Four Ages of Middle Earth.
  • He has helped to found Tolkien reading groups in two countries and four states.
  • His masters thesis was on the topic of Tolkien and his use of nature in the Lay of the Children of

Join the Fun!

Each year, on the third weekend of July, Tolkien scholars, gamers, and other enthusiasts converge in-person and on-line in Spokane, Washington for scholarly discussions, Tolkien-based gaming, and enthusiastic sharing at this free event, open to the public, but you must RSVP to attend. You can check out our archives of the previous Moots since 2005, videos, audio, PDF downloads, and much more!

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Location & Accommodations

This event takes place each year in Spokane, Washington, USA. The Eä Tolkien Society is an official Smial of the U.K. Tolkien Society, meeting monthly and broadcasting live over the Internet. The society sponsors and participates directly in each year's Tolkien Moot with scholarly discussions about J.R.R. Tolkien, his works, peers, and inspirations.

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Terrific Special Guests

Tolkien Moot has been fortunate enough to have many special guests in attendance. This includes: published authors, Tolkien scholars, Tolkien-inspired musicians, and more! Some guests have included: Michael Martinez, John D. Rateliff, Professor Chris Seeman, Rehtaeh the Elvish Singer, Dr. Thomas Morwinsky, and many others!

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Youth & Adults Welcome!

We welcome both adult and youth participants. Youth do need signed permission from their parents/guardians, and very young participants will need their parents in attendance, but all are welcome!

Dedicated Tolkien-based Gaming!

The only convention that has exclusively provided dedicated Tolkien-based gaming since 2005! Games include board games, card games, video games (consoles and PC), and a wide range of tabletop and live-action Role-Playing Games (RPG)!

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While free and open to the public, you must RSVP in advance to attend. There is very limited seating, so do not procrastinate in completing your RSVP today!